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HashedIn by Deloitte Interview Experience for SDE-1 | Off-Campus (Experienced)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2021

1st a quick call with the Recruiter just discussion on tech stack, current and expected CTC and notice period. The recruiter arranged the 1st interview on the mutually decided date. 

1st Round | Technical Interview – 1 | 1 hour

  1. Introduce yourself. (5 mins)
  2. Just a resume walk-through and background details question. (10 mins)
  3. Past project discussion. (10 mins)
  4. Basic java, java-spring question. (10 mins)
  5. Then a detailed discussion on building a  movie ticket booking system:- database designing, API designing, architecture, approach, etc. (20 mins)
  6. Simple Question on databases. (5 mins)

2nd Round | Technical Interview – 2 | 1.5 hour

  1. Introduce yourself. (5 mins)
  2. Tech stacks worked on. (5 mins)
  3. Showed some code snippets to find time and space complexity. (10 mins)
  4. Core Java and Spring-boot, Hibernate question. (10 mins)

4 Coding Questions (1 Hour)

  1. String manipulation
  2. Array-based question
  3. Graph question (approach only)
  4. Kth largest element from array ( Write Production-level code )

3nd Round | Managerial Interview | 1 hour

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. How you deal with stress.
  3. How is covid-19 affecting your personal growth
  4. Why are you switching
  5. Any plans for further studies.
  6. You can ask me any question I am done.

I asked questions related to any project approach, architecture like what they follow how are deadlines decided, and all.

The whole recruitment process was very seamless and the recruiter was also very communicative and helpful.

Got offer letter!


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