Harman International Interview Experience for Android Role

I got call from naukri for harman international company for 6 years experienced.

Round 1: Technical round

Below are the questions asked.

  1. Activity and fragment lifecycle
  2. Which life cycle methods will call when system kills the process
  3. View model explanation
  4. Related to current project
  5. Singleton instance creation
  6. Hashmap working
  7. How memory leak will happen 
  8. What is the importance of inner class
  9. What is handler 
  10. Importance of handler how it will work internally
  11. Is  Bounding service is synchronous
  12. Have u used AIDL
  13. Thread communication and wait notify and notifyAll 
  14. How wait, notify and notify methods will work internally
  15. Find the maximum occurrence word in a  list of words
  16. How many object pr tasks of asyncTask call be called ?
  17. How to create immutable custom class?
  18. Explain memory management of JVM?
  19. Difference between stringPool area and Heap area
  20. How many objects will create when literal strings and using new operator

Duration: 2 hours

Round 2: Technical Round

Below are the questions asked.

  1. How you communicate between fragments ?
  2. How viewmodel is implemented internally
  3. Drawbacks of broadcast receiver 
  4. Difference between apply and commit method of sharedPreference
  5. Difference of commit and commitAllowingStateLoss methods for fragments
  6. What are the lifecycle methods will call when you perform add() and replace() of fragment
  7. Activity launch modes
  8. What is the difference between intentService and service
  9. How intent service will close automatically once job is done? What will happen if you  create it again? 
  10. Difference between bounded service and started service
  11. How u communicate between service and activity
  12. What is aidl ?
  13. What is content providers ?

Note: Duration 45 min

Round 3: Managerial round

Had formal discussion about current project and also about roles and responsibilities

Round 4: HR round

Had discussed about salary and all and paper work

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