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Consider an undirected graph G where self-loops are not allowed. The vertex set of G is {(i, j): 1 <= i <= 12, 1 <=… Read More
Consider the following pseudo code. What is the total number of multiplications to be performed? D = 2 for i = 1 to n do… Read More
Which one of the following is FALSE? (A) A basic block is a sequence of instructions where control enters the sequence at the beginning and… Read More
We have discussed the following topics on the Red-Black tree in previous posts. We strongly recommend referring following post as a prerequisite of this post.Red-Black… Read More
Given inorder and level-order traversals of a Binary Tree, construct the Binary Tree. Following is an example to illustrate the problem. Input: Two arrays that… Read More
Newspapers and magazines often have crypt-arithmetic puzzles of the form: SEND + MORE -------- MONEY -------- The goal here is to assign each letter a… Read More
Given a binary tree, a target node in the binary tree, and an integer value k, print all the nodes that are at distance k… Read More
Consider a situation where we have a set of intervals and we need following operations to be implemented efficiently. 1) Add an interval 2) Remove… Read More
Online Coding Round: Find if a given string contains duplicates Given a BST, find the maximum N elements of the tree Given a BST, convert… Read More
Given a number n, write a function that returns true if n is divisible by 9, else false. The most simple way to check for… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size n where every element is in range from 0 to n-1. Rearrange the given array so that arr[i] becomes… Read More
Consider a machine with a byte addressable main memory of 216 bytes. Assume that a direct mapped data cache consisting of 32 lines of 64… Read More
Consider the following Finite State Automaton. The language accepted by this automaton is given by the regular expression   (A) A (B) B (C) C… Read More
(A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D Answer: (A) Explanation: To be basis of subspace x, 2 conditions are to be fulfilled 1) They… Read More
First round 1) Given set of coins of different denominations like 1$(100), 5$(50) ..etc, and given an amount, I was asked to come up with… Read More
I went through the Amazon interview process for SDE-1, I didn’t make it past the 3rd F2F round. Online Round: 1. Find if a given… Read More
My experience for Amazon’s Software Development Engineer-2 1st Round (Face-to-Face) 1. Design ATM 2. Design Car Service center —- Deep dive into design and focus… Read More
The minimum number of comparisons required to determine if an integer appears more than n/2 times in a sorted array of n integers is (A)… Read More
I am sharing my off campus SDE interview experience with Amazon. Online round: (1hr) Given coin array and a sum K, find min. number of… Read More
Recently I appeared for Flipkart Interview. I would like to share my experience. Round-1: Telephonic (45 mins) Given an array of n distinct integers sorted… Read More