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I recently got selected in Flipkart during an on-campus placement drive. These were the questions faced by me. ONLINE CODING ROUND(2 QUESTIONS) Given two sets… Read More
Round One (Written round, 60 minutes): 1. Given an unsorted linked list, remove all duplicates without using temporary buffers. 2. A number starting from 1… Read More
Amazon visited our campus to offer internship for 6 months. There were 3 rounds – an online coding round and 2 face to face interviews.… Read More
Hi, Amazon visited our campus few days back. Before I start off with my experience, here are few suggestions. 1. Don’t just go through the… Read More
Dear, I just got hired by Amazon in my campus placement drive. Below are the details of my selection process with amazon. Fist Round(Online): 20… Read More
Checking your coding capabilities and thinking level is their main motive. Hence the whole procedure I was involved in dealt only with coding questions. 😀… Read More
Following article is extension of article discussed here.In AVL tree insertion, we used rotation as a tool to do balancing after insertion caused imbalance. In… Read More
Would destructor be called, if yes, then due to which vector? #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std;    class a { public :     ~a()… Read More
Given a directed graph and two vertices ‘u’ and ‘v’ in it, count all possible walks from ‘u’ to ‘v’ with exactly k edges on… Read More
I am a fourth year undergraduate CSE. I had my amazon interview in my campus. First Round: First round was a simple round. It had… Read More
Given an array of strings, find if the given strings can be chained to form a circle. A string X can be put before another… Read More
Given a sorted dictionary (array of words) of an alien language, find order of characters in the language. Examples:   Input: words[] = {"baa", "abcd", "abca",… Read More
Applied through LinkedIn Online Coding Round (Interviewstreet) One of the many ways of representing a tree is to have an array(of length same as a… Read More
There are M transmitter and N receiver stations. Given a matrix that keeps track of the number of packets to be transmitted from a given… Read More
Given a boolean expression with following symbols.  Symbols 'T' ---> true 'F' ---> false And following operators filled between symbols  Operators & ---> boolean AND… Read More
Online Coding round Find all the Node at the distance K from a given node in a Binary tree. Print them in any order. Design… Read More
This is an account of my recent interview experience with Amazon. My process started off at one their hiring drives. It was a tiresome process… Read More
1st Telephonic round After few project and introduction related question. Write a program to find an element in sorted and rotated array. Write a program… Read More
I attended a hiring event for Amazon in world trade center in bangalore. First round was coding test (Written round) : 1. Given a string… Read More
Written (50 Minutes) 20 aptitude and general cs objective questions Code: Find minimum # elements to be removed from int array so that max element… Read More