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Online written Round: Initially an online written round was conducted consisting of following sections: 1. General aptitude 2. Logical Reasoning 3. Technical (Basic C/C++ questions)… Read More
In a packet switching network, packets are routed from source to destination along a single path having two intermediate nodes. If the message size is… Read More
Normally user programs are prevented from handling I/O directly by I/O instructions in them. For CPUs having explicit I/O instructions, such I/O protection is ensured… Read More
The time complexity of computing the transitive closure of a binary relation on a set of n elements is known to be (A) O (n)… Read More
Aptitude Test (60 min): 4 sections, no negative marking but they had sectional cut-off. Section 1 (C, C++ ): 15 questions. Mainly questions of type… Read More
Barrier is a synchronization construct where a set of processes synchronizes globally i.e. each process in the set arrives at the barrier and waits for… Read More
The 2n vertices of a graph G corresponds to all subsets of a set of size n, for n >= 6 . Two vertices of… Read More
Given a Binary Tree where every node has following structure.  struct node { int key; struct node *left,*right,*random; } The random pointer points to any… Read More
30 Multiple Choice Questions ranging from quantitative aptitude and puzzles has to be done in 30 minutes, 25% negative marking was there. Algorithm round There… Read More
Consider the relation “enrolled(student, course)” in which (student, course) is the primary key, and the relation “paid(student, amount)” where student is the primary key. Assume… Read More
Recently Directi visited our campus for intern selections. There was 1 Online coding round hosted on codechef, 2 Algo Interview round and 1 Technical round.>… Read More
Consider the following code written in a pass-by-reference language like FORTRAN and these statements about the code. subroutine swap(ix,iy) it = ix L1 : ix… Read More
A CPU has a cache with block size 64 bytes. The main memory has k banks, each bank being c bytes wide. Consecutive c −… Read More
1. Brief explanation of a research project done in summers. 2. Algorithmic: An infinite stream of numbers is given. The stream is stopped at an… Read More
We have discussed space efficient implementation of 2 stacks in a single array. In this post, a general solution for k stacks is discussed. Following… Read More
A directed graph is strongly connected if there is a path between all pairs of vertices. A strongly connected component (SCC) of a directed graph… Read More
Given a directed and two vertices ‘u’ and ‘v’ in it, find shortest path from ‘u’ to ‘v’ with exactly k edges on the path.… Read More
First Round:: apti + technical + coding (1hr 45mins) 1) Multiple choice questions round : (45mins) It consists of 2 sections. One was aptitude (10… Read More
Inmobi recently visited my campus and i got hired. I would like to share my experience. Round 1: 25 MCQ and 2 coding questions. It… Read More
First Round Written Test 3 sections in all. To be done in 90 minutes Section A: – 10 aptitude questions (you can find almost every… Read More