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Given an N-ary tree where every node has at-most N children. How to serialize and deserialze it? Serialization is to store tree in a file… Read More
Suffix Tree is very useful in numerous string processing and computational biology problems. Many books and e-resources talk about it theoretically and in few places,… Read More
Screening round: Three coding question on hackerEarth to be comiled against the testcases 1. Merge two sorted linked list into single one 2. Difference between… Read More
1st round (machine coding) You are given a catalog of books, which have following attributes. Name Author Publisher Publish year Category Price Count (sold) Implement… Read More
Nagarro came to our campus for their placement drive. They took the written test in the campus and called the shortlisted candidates to their Gurgaon… Read More
Online coding 1 hr, 3 Questions. 1. We have to implement getIntComplement() function , that will give complement of an given integer . 2. There… Read More
Total rounds : 5 1st round: Technical questions were from all core subjects including 5 to 7 quantitative aptitude questions. (30 questions : 30 Minute)… Read More
A triangulation of a convex polygon is formed by drawing diagonals between non-adjacent vertices (corners) such that the diagonals never intersect. The problem is to… Read More
I completed my internship at MS-IDC this summer. Here is my interview experience. Round 1(Online MCQ): Varying level of difficulty. 15 MCQs. Topics: C/C++, data… Read More
In the recent past, I attended interview with Amazon. Here is my interview experience. Written Round: 1.5 hours 1. Given an array of integers, replace… Read More
Given the mobile numeric keypad. You can only press buttons that are up, left, right or down to the current button. You are not allowed… Read More
How many graphs on n labeled vertices exist which have at least (n2 – 3n)/2 edges ? (A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D… Read More
Let A = 1111 1010 arid B = 0000 1010 be two 8-bit 2’s complement numbers. Their product in 2’s complement is (A) 1100 0100… Read More
We have discussed efficient implementation of k stack in an array. In this post, same for queue is discussed. Following is the detailed problem statement.Create… Read More
Given a very large n-ary tree. Where the root node has some information which it wants to pass to all of its children down to… Read More
Recently, we had Citrix written test in our campus. There was a 1 hr aptitude test & 1 hour coding round. The aptitude test had… Read More
Consider a system with a two-level paging scheme in which a regular memory access takes 150 nanoseconds, and servicing a page fault takes 8 milliseconds.… Read More
What is the result of evaluating the following two expressions using three-digit floating point arithmetic with rounding? (113. + -111.) + 7.51 113. + (-111.… Read More
Online Round In this round there were 20 MCQs to solve and 2 coding questions. Of the 20MCQs a couple of questions were on OS,… Read More
Online written Round: Initially an online written round was conducted consisting of following sections: 1. General aptitude 2. Logical Reasoning 3. Technical (Basic C/C++ questions)… Read More