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HackWithInfy SES Interview Experience 2020 ( Zone – Chennai )

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Hackwithinfy is a contest that was conducted by Infosys every year for final year students. It consists of 3 rounds. I applied through their website.

Round 1 – Online Coding round (Easy) 3hrs: It was held on the Hackerearth Platform. This round comprises  3 questions that vary in difficulty level. Since that time I was doing competitive programming intensively on various sites like,,, it was helpful to solve their problem. I have solved 3 Problems in that round. Those who have solved at least 2 problems shortlisted to the next round.  Nearly 20, 000 students selected out of 2,00,000 participants.

Round 2 – Online Coding round (Intermediate) 3hrs: It was also held on the Hackerearth platform. This round comprises 3 questions. It was quite difficult compared to the 1st round.  Questions were asked on this topic (DP, Graph, Number theory). Solving 1 and half a question can make selected for an interview. Nearly 4000 students selected out of 20,000. 

Round 3 – Virtual Interview: It was conducted on the Infosys meridian platform. Mine was scheduled for 21st Oct 2020.

Interviewer: Hi, What is your favourite subject?

Me: Data structures and algorithm sir. 

Interviewer: Okay, then tell me what is the red-black tree?

Me: It is a balanced tree sir, we can do any operation in LogN time complexity. (Somewhat managed).

Interviewer: Okay, What do you mean by a balanced tree?

Me: Yes sir, if the difference between the height of the left subtree and right subtree is less than or equal to one. then it is called a balanced tree.

Interviewer: Okay. Can you share your screen?

Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: Okay. Can you write a program to traverse a tree? 

Me: After 3 mins I wrote inorder traversal and explained my code to him.

Interviewer: Let’s assume you have a sorted array, if you want to have a sorted array using selection sort what is the time complexity?

Me: I told O(N^2) ( But he’s asking again and again are you sure???). I was confused and then realizing that it was already sorted, So no need to sort the array. Then I told O(1) sir.

Interviewer : (Smiled)

Me: Me too (Smiled). 

Interviewer: Then I write a program for selection sort? 

Me: After 3 mins I wrote it and explained it to him.

Interviewer: Ok. Let’s move to Computer Networks.

Me: Sure sir (with a smiley face).

Interviewer: What is the difference between TCP and UDP ? 

Me: TCP is a connection-oriented protocol and UDP is not a connection-oriented protocol

Interviewer: Tell me OSI Layers : 

Me: Told only 6 layers. I forgot one layer. (It was session layer)

Interviewer: Okay. I have done it with you. Any Questions to me.

Me: I asked about my feedback.

Interviewer: Sorry. We can’t tell that now. After 2 weeks we will send your results.

Me: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: Thank you 

Note: No questions about family background, tell me about yourself and projects.

After 20 days, I got results.

Verdict: Selected. I was literally cried after seeing that.

Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2020
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