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HackWithInfy Power Programmer Interview 2019

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2019

Hackwithinfy conducted by Infosys is an online coding competition which has 3 rounds in total.

Round 1: Basic coding round on Hackerrank. 3 coding questions in 3 hours.

You can clear this round if you know basic arrays, linkedlist, strings. Prepare using .

If you can solve questions of array, LL and strings from this link, round 1 will be a cakewalk.

*This round is an elimination round*

Round 2: Advanced coding round on Hackerrank. 3 coding questions in 3 hours. 

Around 3000 people cleared the first round and got the chance to appear for 2nd round. This coding round was comparatively tough. Data structures to be used for solving the given problem statement were not mentioned explicitly(TRICKY QUESTIONS). A little practice on geeksforgeeks or any other platform will be helpful. I don’t remember the exact questions but one was from array, another used circular LinkedList.

Top 109 candidates from this round were called to Infosys pune for a Hackathon and Power programmer Interview.

Rank 110-300 got Pre Placement Interview(PPI) for Power Programmer profile. I was one of them.

After Rank 300 some got PPI for System Engineer Specialist(SES) and System Engineer(SE).

Round 3: Hackathon @ Pune.



My interview was based purely on Data Structures.

The interview lasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Q1. What is a fibonacci sequence? Draw a tree to show how we evaluate fibonaaci(N).  WAP to print fibonacci series upto N. Then the interviewer asked me to explain my code and draw a tree and show how memoization was being used in the tree. I answered all of it.


  • Which sorting algo works on divide and conquer principle. Ans – MergeSort
  • Show in dry run how merge sort works.
  • WAP to implement merge sort. Written.

Q3. WAP to find middle of LL if length is odd, if length is even, print can find mid. (TIP- always consider corner cases)

Q4. Given an integer, print the next smallest palindrome. Eg. If integer is 123, output must be 131, if I/P is 1245 O/P must 1331.

This was asked by many interviewers as I discussed with my friends. I was not able to code this.

Q5. 1 question on system design. If a PC has 1 gb ram and 2gb file of random integers is to be sorted, how will you do it.

Q6. 2-3 puzzles were asked, prepare from GFG.

Q7. Questions from Basic C++ concepts like Inheritance, friend function.

Some of my friends got questions from DBMS, OS but mine was just programming concepts.

Result was announced almost 15-20 days  later, I was offered SES profile as i was unable to answer two important questions.


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