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HackWithInfy Interview Experience for SES

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2020
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Infosys is one of the major recruiters. HackWithInfy is a contest for all final year engineering students across India. HackWithInfy 2020 is the third edition of the competition that contains three rounds. Round 1 and Round 2 are individual participation online tests and the final round is a team-based hackathon. I applied for the HackWithInfy contest.

Round 1: Coding round held on the HackerRank platform. This round comprises 3 questions that vary in difficulty level. The time allotted to solve these questions is 3 hrs. I completely solved 1 question and partially solved 2 questions and made it to the next round. Questions are mainly based on Problem Solving and Data Structures. Solving 1 or more questions can make you selected for round 2.

Round 2: Also, a coding round held on the HackerRank platform. It is similar to round 1 with the same pattern but the level of difficulty increases. Based on your performance you will be offered either System Engineer Specialist Role(SES) or Power Programmer Role(PP). I don’t know how many questions I solved because the weighted test cases are hidden, and we don’t know whether our solution accepted or not. But I tried to solve all 3 questions given. I got a Pre-placement interview offer for the SES role, as I was one of the top 3000 performers.

Round 3: Due to Covid, this year’s interview for all candidates is going virtual on the Infosys platform or Cisco WebEx. It was around a 50-55 minute interview (they scheduled a 40-mins interview, and I was informed 5 days before for my interview.). I was asked to show my college id before starting the interview. The questions asked are.

  1. Tell me about yourself. I told about 3-4 minutes as my voice is not clear he told me to log in using the phone and to mute the mic in the laptop and talked about WFH culture due to Covid so I am talking using a phone staring at the camera
  2. How did you manage things during Covid and asked about my hobbies? Asked me to share the screen and to show my resume. He found my projects interesting.
  3. Tell me about your projects. I started explaining my project and lasted for 7-8 minutes he is patiently listening and then started firing questions at me about the project like software and tools used for testing Application, Type of architecture used for making application, challenges faced, how will you manage login issues related your application, SDLC used, Data structures you used, Databases you Used, How will you solve transaction problems, what if connectivity is lost during the transaction, questions related to concurrency, multiple logins and shared preferences. (my Project is Android App.)
  4. What is the trigger
  5. Asked to write a query for the given database using joins
  6. Five OOPs based questions along with real-time applications.
  7. Tell me about the Second Project you mentioned in your resume.  He again patiently listened and asked five questions about it.
  8. Applications of Hash map  
  9. DBMS Scenario based question like which database used for movie tickets selling software  
  10. At last, a program is given and asked to tell the approach and draw the flowchart, and asked how many decision boxes used.  

Interview was completed. Infosys mailed results to my mail, and I was selected.  

I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for helping me in cracking this interview. My interview was mostly based on my resume. The interviewer focused mainly on the projects and skills mentioned in the resume and didn’t ask any HR questions.

Tips: Be confident, go through your resume properly (It’s enough to crack an interview.).

If you don’t know anything, just say No instead of trying (You can freely tell the interviewer your strong topics.), which you have done and achieved in that technology, core subjects, DSA (competitive programming).

If you get any coding question to solve, apart from coding you try to tell each and every line to the interviewer (start with telling your approach) it reflects your logical ability.

Be confident in any one programming language and check top interview questions of that.


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