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HackWithInfy Interview Experience for SES

  • Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2020

My interview started at 4:50 as it was scheduled at 4:30 but first 10 min he didn’t join and next 10 min audio problem

  • Intro: 7 mins
  • Project: 10 mins

Now this is purely technical round which language you are comfortable with and I want to see output means fully functional code not only logic

  1. Do any questions using recursion and then further questionnaire and discuss.
  2. Swap number using above concept and point recursion and many cross-questioning and all
  3. Reverse questions followed by situation based questions and further questions related to that

Apart from Technical, He asked about AADISHRI FOUNDATION (AN NGO FOUNDED BY ME). (10 mins)

And do you have any questions for me?

I said yes, How was my performance

He said Good

HR will soon contact you!

It was a total of 45 mins !

At Last after 4 days I got news from TPO that I am selected for SE but it was for SES role (System Engineer) 

  • Dated as: 9-Oct-2020
  • Interview Date: 5 Oct 2020

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