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HackWithInfy Interview Experience 2019

  • Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020

Round 1:   Coding round, This round has 3 questions(problem-1 Easy, problem-2 Medium, problem-3 Hard) you will be given with 3 hrs of time. I solved  problem-1 ( passed 10 out of 14 test cases). And for rest of the two problems I was able to pass only 6 sample test cases.

Top 7000 students will be qualifying for Round-2. Luckily I was one among those 7000 students. problems will be asked on Strings, arrays, Trees, Dynamic Programming.

Round 2: This round is similar to round-1 but the level of difficulty increases.Even this round has 3 problems and you will be given 3 hrs to solve them. I was able to solve the first problem completely within less time.I felt that round-2 was easier than round-1.Then I spent my rest of the time in solving the remaining two problems but i was able to pass only sample test cases of both the problems.

Top 500-600 students in round-2 will be called for Power Programmer Interview(8 LPA). Top 3000 students will be called for  System’s Engineer Specialist role Interview(5 LPA).I got qualified in round-2.

Round 3: Interview Round(Technical round+HR round)

Interviewer : Hai Sravan!!, Good Afternoon.

Me : Good Afternoon sir.

Interviewer : Had your lunch?

Me : No sir.

Interviewer : Okay then. Tell Me about yourself.

Me : Answered.

Interviewer : He saw my resume and asked why i got less marks in B-Tech when compared to 10th and Intermediate?

Me : Sir, I focused only on Technical education during my school and college days. After coming to B-Tech Practical education came into picture. So my focus shifted towards practical education that’s why there is slight decrease in my academic performance.

Interviewer : Which programming language you are strong at?

Me : Python sir, I love coding with python.

Interviewer : What are the differences between C and Python

Me : 1) Python is a Interpreted language where as C is a Compiler oriented language.

2) No header files are present in python.python contains modules.

3) Indentation doesn’t play any role in c, where as indentation plays a important role in  python

4)C is a restricted language. Python can be used in various fields, Now a days even it is being used in Machine learning.

5)Python supports object orientation where as ‘c’ doesn’t support object oriented programming features.

Interviewer : Okay . Explain Normalization

Me : Normalization is the process of removing unwanted, redundant data . Simply we can say that  removing or cleaning data that is not required.

Interviewer : Do you know about the types of Normalization?

Me : Yeah sir, I know 1 NF, 2 NF …..

Interviewer : What latest technologies do you know?

Me : I answered Big data Analytics.

Interviewer : oh Big data!! then explain about Big data?

Me : Big data refers to huge amount of data that can’t be processed using natural processing  techniques. In order to process Big data many techniques and frameworks are used.I gave some real life examples about big data.

Interviewer : Have you done any academic project?

Me : I developed a simple static android application using android studio.

Interviewer : Is it a group project??

Me : No sir. Actually building a project is not a part of our curriculum but i have developed it on my own interest.

Interviewer : Explain about your project?

Me : Explained about my project.

Interviewer : What is your career objective?

Me : Explained.

Interviewer : What events have you conducted in your college?

Me : I explained about various events which i have conducted .

Interviewer : What requirements would you gather if other college students are going to attend the event. Explain how you will make them to attend your college event.

Me : I would select a group of 4-5 students who can communicate well. We visit their campus and we will explain them about the benefits they would get if they attend our college event . Initially i will estimate the no.of students that our college can accommodate .Based on count of no.of students who are going to attend we arrange basic requirements for them.

Interviewer : Are there any question to me?

Me : I asked a simple question about latest technologies.

Interviewer : Okay Sravan . Have a great day.

Me : Thank you sir.


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