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Gwynnie Bee Interview Experience (Full Time)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2017

Gwynnie Bee came for recruitment to our university campus. The first round was a 2 hour test. 1 hour was for 30 MCQs which included 10 from DS, 10 from computer fundamentals and 10 from Quant and reasoning. Overall, the test was easy. The other hour was for 3 subjective wriiten coding questions. The questions were good and we had to write their pseudocode. Questions were from DP and graphs mainly. Only 7 out of 150+ were shortlisted after this round.

Then there were 3 interview rounds. In the first round, they discussed the questions that came in the subjective test. Then they asked a bit about my intern. Then a couple of SQL queries. Then again some DS and coding questions.

The second round was problem solving round. It started with normal “about yourself” type questions. Then a couple of puzzles were asked in this round. I was able to solve both.

The third round was the an unorthodox one. He started asking about the subjects I am interested in. Then he started asking questions regarding OS. The questions weren’t normal paging segmentation type theoretical. He gave a real life task and then the discussion started with how it will be implemented using Multithreading and then covered many related topics such as starvation, priority, thread preemption, critical section etc. It was more of a discussion than an interview.

Overall, the experience was positive. All the interviewers were very friendly. I was later offered the job and I accepted it.

Geeksforgeeks was a great help while preparing for the placement season.

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