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Groww Software Development Engineer Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2020

Groww visited our campus for the Software Development Engineer position in August 2020.

Online Test: The online test was composed of 10 questions consisting of 9 MCQs and one programming question. MCQs were mainly focused on time complexity, OS, Threading, C++(basics).

The programming question was a slight variation of the below problem.


Technical Round 1(DS/PS Round): After one week they shortlisted 6 students for further interviews. This round was based on data structures and problem solving (puzzles).  

Data Structures Questions :

  1. Detect Loop in Linked List.
  2. Next greater element.

Puzzles :

  1. You have 1000 wine bottles, one of which is poisoned. You want to determine which bottle is poisoned by feeding the wine to the rats. The poisoned wine takes one hour to work. How many rats are necessary to find the poisoned bottle in one hour?
  2. A newspaper made of 16 large sheets of paper folded in half. The newspaper has 64 pages altogether. The first sheet contains pages 1, 2, 63, 64. If we pick up a sheet containing page number 45. What are the other pages that this sheet contains?

Technical Round 2(DS Round): Asked only one programming question based on DP/Graph. 

  1. Minimum steps to reach the target by a Knight

Technical Round 3(Managerial Round): Lasted for only 15 minutes and gave information about the company’s working and all.

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