Groww Internship Interview Experience for Software Developer

Round 1: Resume Shortlisting. Around 20 People were shortlisted on the basis of Resume.(Note: NOt on the basis of CGPA.)

Round 2:Coding Round

Only 2 questions were there.

1.) stock sell and buy problem (— 7 Marks

2.)variation of the above question. (– 12 Marks

3.) Design a Vending Machine using OOPS. (various parameters were given )— 21 Marks

Round 3: Online Interview Using video calling.(They only want coding and Nothing else.)

1 st que. ) Balanced Parenthesis problem

2nd que.) Longest balanced parenthesis in a given string in O(N) time.

3rd que. ) Given an array find its 1st peak element.( element which is greater than both its neighbour element) in O(logN) Time.

4th. que. ) Reverse A Link List.


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