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Groupon Interview Experience | Set 4 (SDE2 for Experienced)

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First Round Online Coding Round on Hackerrank:- Time 1 hr Screen is shared 2 question 
You need to run both programs with all test case passed 

1. Given a String STRA contain no of words and other string STRB you need to find occurrence of each word from STRA in STRB . 
Complexity must be O(n) 
Sol :-Break STRA into words and put into trie and then pick one by one word from STRB and compare . 

2. Given T test case T < 10 and number N < 300000 for each test case and contain N no whose range is 300000.Find product of distinct prime factor of all numbers . 
Ex- 1 


prime factor of 10 = 2*5 
prime factor of 12 = 2*2*3 
prime factor of 7 = 7 

SO distinct prime factor is 2*5*3*7 = 210 
output -210 

Second technical round shared screen Time 1.5 hour 4 ques 
Running code 
1.source and destination of matrix is given no of way to reach destination . 

2.Stream of number you need to find minimum no till this point .we can increase or decrease any number. 
Sol:-Heap and Map 

3. Given a stream of numbers, generate a random number from the stream with equal probility. You are allowed to use only O(1) space and the input is in the form of stream, so can’t store the previously seen numbers. 
Sol:- Use Index and swap only when rand()==current_index 

4. Given a set of time intervals in any order, merge all overlapping intervals into one and output the result which should have only mutually exclusive intervals 
O(n Log n) complexity 

3 Technical onsite round on bangluru office 

Third round :- 1hr 15 min 
Initial discussion about system architecture ,some design pattern discussion like factory vs dependency injection . 
Mongo vs mysql 
Event vs thread vs process vs actor based model there advantage and disadvantage 
Synchronize ,deadlock basic OS concept 
Two programming ques :- 
a-> Longest Increasing subsequence in log(n) complexity and print Actual LIS . 
Code they will focus more on code line by line . 
b-> A word is given it is possible from anagram of word to palindrome . 
Sol-:just count occurrence of character 

Fourth Round :- Two interviewers 1.5 hr 
System Design round :- It is like a discussion 
N number of file on server you just need to upload file on server one by one and during uploading if it match with any file you need to return that file otherwise any random file and removed that file from server and add dthis file. 
File is quite large Sol:- Treat one chunk as a character and make trie and compare it. Handle multithread case. 
Memory issue as you can’t load whole trie in memory .which database you choose do you need index on any column and why. you can use redis. 
Discussion about solr .Sync vs Asyn tradeoff .Serialization approach .Load balancer approach. 
How hibernate work and if you need to design hibenate what are the thing you need to consider. 

Fifth round :- 50 minute 
This is tough where your culture fitness & presentation skills and your knowlegde will judged in a single round 
India tech head and Hr person will sit in a room and give me marker to explain on whiteborad about system architecture to build a e-commerce and they are listening and asking question.Which tools is used for what and why it is best ,Why redis is put on frontend. why we need solr and They will ask about my previous project. What are the thing which I left due to time constraint. 
They give me a case if your system crash how will you inform it to concerned person. Discussion about notification system .About Playframework vs Spring and its advantage. ORM mapper. 

Sixth round on SKYPE:-1 hr 
Hiring manager Round 
Class Design round 
parking system design .Edge case 
One probablity question I don’t recalled it. 

Seventh HR round :- 
About expectation ,Work culture ,Behaviour question ,Salary negotiation. 

Thanks to GeeksForGeeks. Whole process take more than 1 month . 



Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021
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