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Grofers Interview Experience For SDE

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  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2015
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Round 1 : (Online round : 2:30 hours)
Five sections : Logical, Aptitude, Verbal, Technical and 2 coding questions.

Tech 1
2. One very easy dp problem only memoization was required.
3. OOPs basics , inheritance , base and derive class pointers .
4. Run time polymorphism with an example
7. Schema was given, I had to design a class diagram or ER diagram then had to perform queries accordingly.
8. Asked me about all the joins in sql.

HR(45 minutes)
1. Proper HR questions.
2. Asked me about my Summer Intern project

Tech 2(45 minutes)

1. Asked me about my summer intern project and technologies that I have worked on.
2. Find a sum of a binary tree recursively as well as iteratively
3. Find a node that has maximum sum with the root to its subtree such that there can be –ve node value also possible.
4. Asked me geeksforgeeks questions of trees like above questions and I just said I have already seen these problems.
5. Asked him about Grofers and CTC very deeply 😛

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