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GreyOrange Interview Questions

Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2024
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Check out these handpicked GreyOrange interview questions to help you get ready for a successful career move with this cool robotics and automation company. Learn about the types of questions they might ask in technical assessments and problem-solving situations. Get ready to shine in your interviews by exploring these questions. Find out about the exciting opportunities and awesome work culture at GreyOrange, and get set for a rewarding journey with this innovative robotics and automation technology leader.


GreyOrange Interview Questions

Securing the role you aspire to at GreyOrange goes beyond just technical skills – it also requires a grasp of the interview process. This post offers a comprehensive examination of what you can anticipate in GreyOrange’s technical interviews, providing insights into the questions you may face.

GreyOrange Interview Questions on DSA



Number of occurrences  Solve
Print Permutations  Solve 
All prime numbers  Solve 
Anagram Substring Search  Solve
Nth Fibonacci Number  Solve 
Longest Consecutive SubSequence Solve 
Reverse the String  Solve 
Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s  Solve 
Count digit groupings of a number  Solve 
Kth smallest element Solve 
Minimum Platforms  Solve 
Boundary Traversal of binary tree  Solve 
Check if Linked List is Palindrome  Solve 
Coin Change  Solve 
Partition Equal Subset Sum  Solve 
Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size  Solve 
Topological sort  Solve 
Vertical Traversal of Binary Tree  Solve 
Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree  Solve 
Number of Coins  Solve 
Check if subtree Solve 
Total Decoding Messages  Solve 
ZigZag Tree Traversal  Solve 
Zero Sum Subarrays  Solve 
LRU Cache  Solve 
Minimum number of jumps  Solve 
Trapping Rain Water  Solve 
Peak element  Solve 
N-Queen Problem  Solve 
Intersection Point in Y Shaped Linked Lists  Solve 
The Celebrity Problem Solve 
Wildcard Pattern Matching  Solve 
Rotate a Linked List  Solve 
Burning Tree  Solve 
Bipartite Graph  Solve 
Flattening a Linked List  Solve 
Get minimum element from stack  Solve 
Spirally traversing a matrix  Solve
AVL Tree Data Structure Solve 
Merge two sorted linked list  Solve 
Next Permutation Solve 
Delete a node from BST  Solve 
Number of Turns in Binary Tree  Solve 
Check for BST  Solve 
Check whether K-th bit is set or not  Solve 
Reverse The Array  Solve 
Max Sum without Adjacents  Solve 
Steps by Knight  Solve 
Search in a row-column sorted Matrix  Solve 
Detect Loop in linked list  Solve 
Height of Binary Tree Solve 
Travelling Salesman Problem  Solve 
Palindrome Pairs  Solve 
Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree  Solve 
Triplet Sum in Array  Solve 
Stock buy and sell  Solve 
Row with max 1s  Solve 
Fixing Two swapped nodes of a BST  Solve 
Remove duplicate elements from sorted Array  Solve 
Word Ladder Solve 

GreyOrange Interview Questions on OOPS

Object-Oriented Programming, or OOP, is like using building blocks in programming. Think of these building blocks as objects, and each object has its own unique features and actions. These features and actions are defined by a template called a class. So, in OOP, we create these objects based on classes to build our programs.

GreyOrange Interview Questions on OS

An Operating System(OS) is software that manages and handles the hardware and software resources of a computer system. It provides interaction between users of computers and computer hardware.

GreyOrange Interview Questions on Computer Networks

A computer network is a collection of computers or devices connected to share resources. Any device which can share or receive the data is called a Node. Through which the information or data propagate is known as channels, It can be guided or unguided.

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