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GreyB Services Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019
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This post is intended to provide my little insight towards cracking GreyB services placement drive in Sept, 2018.

Some of my juniors were asking me about GreyB and how to prepare for it. So I thought of writing it out for the general.

Day 0:
In our case, the first and foremost thing we noticed was that GreyB focuses large on your logical skills. The first part of the assessment was an online MCQ round having 40 questions of 30 mins. I could do 32 only. The distribution was something like 75% on aptitude( quant, logical, analytical and not much on verbal) and 25% on technical knowledge. Some 8% of the total students appearing was shortlisted for the interview.

Day 1:
Then in the interview, I was asked firstly about my project. You got to explain your projects you have done so far. If you have none so far, then no need to freak out. I was at a similar situation. So I just explained my final year project problem, and the idea we were about to implement to solve it. At this point of time, they know that your final year has just begun and not much of the work might be done as of now. So be pretty clear about your idea and what technologies you would be using to do your project.

Then I was asked a Software Engineering question that I had mentioned in my CV. It was a basic one. After that, not much technical questions followed, but you can expect some of them and prepare for the same.

Third was a question from Chess, which I had mentioned in my hobbies. Again, the question was from a logical domain.

Fourth was a logical puzzle quesrion, which I do not remember properly.

Lastly was a problem that was given to me. It was kind of a requirement provided by a hypothetical client about the specifications of a device he wants. The requirements were given as abstracts and I had to accumulate them and think of a current technology/device which actually applies those requirements. This one I didn’t get at the first try but I did come up with another solution. Then my interviewer gave me some hints and I came up with the original device. Then he asked me if I can actually blend my answer with the actual answer and come up with a hybrid device which uses both the technicalities. I answered after thinking a bit. It is important to note that your answer might not be feasible but it is important to try and come up with one so that the interviewer gets convinced that you can think, given a problem.

Before concluding, I was asked if I had any question for him. I asked a really good one which I believe upon being asked, increases your chances of being selected by a little amount. Figure out your answer for this one.

25% of Day 1 interviewees were selected for final round of interview.

Day 2:
The first question I got was related to the pre placement talk they gave on day 0. So do not sleep during the talk, rather take notes. I was asked which profile would I like to prefer, amongst 2 they had. I answered that and backed up my choice. (There is a small trick to this question, figure it out)

Then I was given a puzzle which was something like make 47 using five 3s. I made it using four 3s.

Lastly, I was given a patent issued by Facebook. I had to read the patent, understand it and explain what functionality was the patent talking of. 15 minutes were given to me. I explained.

That was my whole interview process.

Few points to note:

-> Firstly, prepare aptitude and learn to do it fast. In our case, it was a test of speed more than anything else.

->Then prepare your core subjects which you mention in your CV. Some of our friends were drilled using technical questions and interview went on for 1.5 hours. Again, no need to worry about the duration. Once you’re inside, time will pass by like nothing. It does take some 10 mins to properly answer a good question. There will be questions you don’t know and you can’t do much about them. But there are quesrions you do know. Make sure you make the most out of those questions. Answer the known questions in such a way that the interviewer follows up with another question so that you can answer the followup as well, making your contention stronger. (This trick applies for all companies’ interview.) P.S. – If you already happen to know the solution of an intuitive problem, make the most use of it. Do not straightaway jump to the solution, rather try to give an impression that you’re thinking about it and slowly achieving the answer.

-> For the interview process, just open 3-5 random patents and read them. Try to understand them such that you CA explain what is it talking of to a layman. No need to learn all the nomenclatures and technicalities a patent has. Only read and understand to explain. GreyB works in the domain of Intellectual Properties (IP) and high chances you might be asked to read and explain a patent.

-> Lastly, try out some puzzles from the internet and see if you can develop the skill of solving them. You might be given a totally new type of puzzle which you never saw. You will need the ability to think of a possible solution then and there.

A little assessment you need to make:
Should I or should I not join GreyB if given a chance?

Why GreyB:

Firstly, it is a small company and by small, I mean by size. Some 200+ employees in the organisation. This implies 2 things. One, you have a bigger share of responsibility on your shoulder, which is a good thing to have(promotions are lucrative in this case as well and within few years, your purse will be fat). Two, you get to know most of the people in person and thus develop a family like relationship throughout your workplace.

Secondly, GreyB has a figuratively flat structure which means even though you will have a boss who will at times shout at you, your inputs to a project will be (almost) equally considered.

Thirdly, if you’re a person who doesn’t like development and want to work in operations, then it can be a good place to join.

Fourthly, the environment is so friendly, most of the days there will be something or the other going on in the office. Birthday celebrations, occasion celebrations, surprise celebrations, fun activities, etc. They do these within their working time to energize the mood. They believe in “Work hard, Party harder”.

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