Greek Letters in LaTeX

Greek Alphabet at one point was even used for numeral systems. Mathematicians all over the world, use certain Greek letters as mathematical symbols. Our keyboard does not contain greek alphabets, so we use Latex Code to write them. So below are the most used Greek Alphabets with their Latex code.

Greek Symbols and their LaTeC Code –

1.alpha \alpha \alpha
2.beta \beta \beta
3.gamma \gamma \gamma
4.Delta \Delta \Delta \delta \delta
6.epsilon \epsilon \epsilon
7.zeta \zeta \zeta
8.eta \eta \eta
9.Theta \Theta \Theta
10.theta \theta \theta
11.iota \iota \iota
12.kappa \kappa \kappa
13.Lambda \Lambda \Lambda
14.lambda \lambda \lambda \mu \mu \nu \nu
17.Xi \Xi \Xi
18.xi \xi \xi
19.Pi \Pi \Pi
20.pi \pi \pi
21.varpi \varpi \varpi
22.Sigma \Sigma \Sigma
23.sigma \sigma \sigma
24.tau \tau \tau
25.Phi \Phi \Phi
26.phi \phi \phi
27.varphi \varphi \varphi
28.chi \chi \chi
29.Psi \Psi \Psi
30.psi \psi \psi
31.Omega \Omega \Omega \omega \omega

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