Great West Interview Experience | Set 1

First written round on hirepro platform they asked questions on Quants, verbal, logical and technical mcqs mainly c++ and Java, written was medium level not the easy one out of 500 they short listed some 250 for the second round that was GD round, they divide 250 in group of 15 each, GD was tougher one they gave us some 4-5 topics they fluctuate the topics in between, and out of 250 they only shortlisted 45 for the interviews round.
they were 2 interview rounds

1st round : Itwas technical round two people take this interview they asked questions related to C, C++, DBMS joins and some queries and also asked us to find the errors in the given code.
2nd round: It was panel interview round that was taken by all the 10 members who came for the recruitment in this 2-3 people asked us technical questions and remaining were looking at how we are behaving .

After that they selected 11 out 45.

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