GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with root alphabet ‘H’

The list of 10 most common words starting with root alphabet “H”

S.No. Root Meaning Example Meaning
1 Hypo less than normal hypothetical based on or serving as a hypothesis.
2 Homo Same Homogeneous o alike.
3 Hyst exaggerated Hysteria uncontrollable emotion 
4 Hind situated at the back; posterior. Hinder Delay or obstruct
5 Hocus deceive Hocus-pocus Meaningless talk
6 Hyper hyperactive or unusually energetic. Hyperbole statements that are exaggerated on purpose
7 Huma Human like characterstics Humane  Showing concern and kindness, tender
8 Hulla exhausted Hullabaloo Informal-an uproar,
9 Hetero different Heterogeneous not same/can’t be mixed
10 Hein evil Heinous wicked

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