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GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with root alphabet ‘G’

  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020

The list of 10 most common root words with root alphabet ‘G’ with their meaning and examples is as follows :

1gentype, race, kindgenderBelonging to one or another sex
genreA particular kind in literature, music or art
2gn/gnoknowignoreknowingly refuse to take notice of
recognizeidentify someone or something from having encountered them before; know again
3grandone generation more remotegrandfatherthe father of one’s father or mother. (one generation more remote)
grandnephewa son of one’s nephew or niece. (one generation more remote)
4gratpleasinggratefulfeeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.
ingratiateto bring oneself in favor
5gravheavygraveserious, weighty
GravidateTo make heavy; impregnate
6greggroupcongregrateto group togethe
gregariousliving in flocks or loosely organized communities.
7gestcarry/ bringsuggestto bring an idea for consideration
ingestto bring into the body, as food or liquid:
8grad/gressto step or goegressgoing out
progressto step up
degradeto step down
9graphto writeepigraphto write on building, statue
autographa signature, especially that of a celebrity written as a memento for an admirer.
10gynrelated to womanmisogynyhatred of woman
gynecologythe branch of physiology and medicine which deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system.

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