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GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with alphabet ‘S’

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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Set-7 :
The list of 10 most common root words with alphabet ‘S’ with their meaning and examples is as follows:

sacrificeholy offering
2sci/scioknowscienceknowledge/systematic study
omniscientall knowing
3sanctholysanctionofficial permission
sanctifymake holy
4scrib/scriptwritedescribewrite down / give a detailed account
prescriptionlaying down rules or directions
manuscriptwritten by hand
5sec/sectcutbisectcut/split into two equal parts
secantline intersecting a curve at two or more points
sectiona cut portion/a piece
6spec/spect/spiclookspecimensample to be looked at
speciousbelievable but fallacious
7somnsleepinsomniachronic sleepiness
somniloquistone who talks in his sleep
somnolentfeeling sleepy
8subundersubmarineunder water
subversivet ending to disturb/overthrow
subliminalexisting or operating below the threshold of consciousness
9super/surabovesuperciliousarrogant, haughty, condescending
superfluousextra, more than necessary
10surg/sourc/surrectto riseinsurgentrising up in revolution
insurrectionrising up in armed rebellion
surgeto rise up forcefully

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