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GRE | List of words to enhance your vocabulary with alphabet ‘P’

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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Set-6 :
The list of 10 most common root words with alphabet ‘P’ with their meaning and examples is as follows:

1pater/patrifatherpaternalcharacteristics of a father
expatriatea person who lives outside their native country
bipedhaving two feet
expediteto speed up/free from entanglement
3path/pathyemotion/suffering/feelingsympathyfeeling of pity
patheticable to arouse feeling of compassion or arouse
pathologystudy of essential nature of diseases
4phillovingphilosophylove of wisdom
philanderera male flirt
5phobfearhydrophobiafear of water
acrophobiafear of heights
theophobiafear of religion
6psychmindpsychologystudy of nature / development of mind
psychica person having paranormal powers
psychopathmentally & emotionally unstable
7protfirstprotagonistmain character in drama / movie
prototypea first or preliminary version of
omnipotentall powerful
potentatemonarch state
9peldrive/forcecompelto force someone to act
expelto drive someone out of place
repelto force back
10panallpantheismworship that tolerates all gods
pan-americainvolving all the countries of north & south america

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