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GRE Algebra | Graph of Functions
  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2021
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Graphs hold a very important place in the world of Algebra and are crucially components of GRE preparation. Graph functions are simple and must be understood carefully to successfully get correct answers in GRE. They are not difficult and once understood, will help in fetching marks easily.

Below are examples of some well known graphs of functions:

1. Linear fxn: Straight line graph where m is the slope and c represents the intercept in


Graph for Liner fxn (y=mx+c)

2. Square fxn: Shape of the graph is parabola.


Graph for Square fxn (x^2)

3. Square Root fxn: Such graphs always lie in first quadrant.


Graph for Square Root fxn (x^1/2)

4. Cube fxn 


Graph for cube fxn (x^3)

5. Exponential fxn


Graph for Exponential (e^x)

6. Logarithmic fxn


Graph for logarithmic x

7. Modulo fxn


Graph for |x|

8. Sine fxn


Graph for sin x

9. Cosine fxn


Graph for  cos x

10. Tangent fxn


Graph for tan x

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