Graphical Kernel System (GKS)

Graphical Kernel System is software which used for two-dimensional graphics. It was adopted as first graphics software standard by International Standard Organization (ISO). It has features for drawing in 2-dimensional vector graphics which is suitable for charting and similar purpose. The 2-dimensional computer graphics which is closely related to six output functions of Graphical Kernel System (GKS). These are as follows :

  1. Polyline –
    As from the name ‘poly’ means ‘many’. Polyline is function which has ability to draw one or more straight lines through coordinates` which user has given to them.

  2. Polymarker –
    This function is used to draw a symbol at coordinate which user has provided. There are 5 types of symbols which is used by this software namely : x + * 0.

  3. Text –
    This function is used to add text at given coordinates by user.

  4. Fill-area –
    In this feature, it allows a polygon to be draw and it can be filled with coordinates which are given. There is variety of fill-area which includes hollow, solid and there is also variety of hatching and patterns.

  5. Cell-array –
    In this firstly pattern is defined by user and it outputs in rectangle according to given coordinates by user.

  6. Generalized Drawing Primitives –
    It provides user various kinds of facilities. Mostly all of systems has various kinds of software for arcs of circle or ellipse and also drawing of a smooth curve with set of given points.

There are also two terms related to Graphical Kernel System which follows this as an international standard.

  1. Computer Graphics Interface (CGI) –
    It provides a standard of low-level between actual hardware and Graphical Kernel System and it also help on specification that how device drivers should be written.

  2. Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) –
    This is used for transfer purpose i.e to transfer segments of graphics such as pictures from one system to another system and also it is used for archiving purpose.
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