grapherrormsg() function in C

The header file graphics.h contains grapherrormsg() function which returns an error message string.
Syntax :

char *grapherrormsg( int errorcode );
errorcode: code for the respective error

Illustration of the grapherrormsg() : In the below program, gd = DETECT is not written and thus program must throw an error.

Below is the implementation of grapherrormsg() function in C





// C Implementation for grapherrormsg()
#include <graphics.h>
#include <stdio.h>
//driver code
int main()
    // gm is Graphics mode which is
    // a computer display mode that
    // generates image using pixels.
    // DETECT is a macro defined in
    // "graphics.h" header file
    int gd, gm, errorcode;
    // initgraph initializes the
    // graphics system by loading a
    // graphics driver from disk
    initgraph(&gd, &gm, "");
    // graphresult returns the error code
    // for the last graphics operation
    // that reported an error and resets
    // the error level to grOk.
    errorcode = graphresult();
    if( errorcode != grOk)
      printf("Graphics error: %s\n"
      printf("Press any key to exit.");
    // closegraph function closes the
    // graphics mode and deallocates
    // all memory allocated by
    // graphics system .
    return 0;


Output :

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