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Gradeup Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2021
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Round 1(On HackerEarth Platform) – 10 Mcq Questions on Aptitude and 4 coding questions in which 2 were easy.

  • If you solve 8-9 Mcq questions correctly and more than 2 coding questions at least try to pass a partial test case in another question as well Because
  • it will increase your score.

Round 2(Technical Interview): Around 30 Minutes.

  • Asked to Introduce Yourself
  • Interviewer asked Questions on skills you have mentioned I have mention HTML, CSS.JS, REACT, NODEJS, MYSQL(So mention those skills in which you are confident)
  • Asked project you done for a sec not ask any questions on the project
  • So he asks the deep question from these skills.
  • In JS what are closures, functions, how it works not just definition you have to explain all the things he has a program in JS and asked me to give the output
  • In react what is react, what are pure components, lifecycle in Reactjs
  • He gave me a situation that 2 components are connected to each other and one is rendering so another one will also render?
  • Give me an SQL query that is based on Joins I was not able to solve Because I have not to revise SQL I was not able to do
  • Then he ask in which Subjects you are comfortable with like DBMS, CN, OOPS, DS etc.
  • He asks SQL VS NoSQL
  • What is heap sort? and its time complexity
  • Then he asked LinkedList Questions Nth node from the end of the linked list? I say we can traverse the LinkedList and find the length and then we can traverse again and return nth node. He was not satisfied with the solution he told me to do the question in one pass and also not use any extra space. I was not able to give the optimal approach then he ends the interview.

Verdict- Not qualified for the next round (HR ROUND)

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