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Grab Interview Experience for Software Engineer Intern (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2021

Grab visited our campus (IIIT-Gwalior) in January 2021. There was 1 coding round, 3 rounds of technical interviews, and an HR round in the hiring process. Every round was a rigorous DS/Algo round of medium-level difficulty. Good implementation skill was required to clear the rounds. 

Round 1: Coding Round

There were 2 questions of medium difficulty in 70 minutes. One was from strings and the other was from dynamic programming. 

Round 2: Technical Round 1

This round was a virtual interview on zoom, primarily focusing on DS/Algo. The first question was of flattening of an array of infinite depth in Javascript. (as Javascript was mentioned in my resume). And the second question was to group all the anagrams from the array of strings. Lastly, to find the first and last occurrence of a number in a sorted array. (using Binary Search).

Round 3: Technical Round 2

This round was again a DS/Algo round. I was asked to solve 2 questions in 1 hour. The first question was about the sliding window problem on a string. There are two strings namely child and parent. And we have to find whether any permutation of string child is present in the string parent. Another question was about the spiral traversal of a binary tree. 

Round 4: Hiring Managerial Round

In this round, the hiring manager first asked a lot about my projects and previous internship experiences. Then he asked some questions on DBMS and OS. The questions were basic and conceptual. After that, I was given a DS/Algo question of a binary tree. The question was to first construct a tree with given pair of parent to the child node. And then to find all the nodes with one child or no child. Finally, he asked some behavioral questions like how will deal with conflicts in the team and how I approach learning new skills. 

Round 5: HR Round

This round was completely non-technical. She asked me about my hobbies, soft skills, and past experiences. Then she briefed me about my role in the company. 

Overall it was one of the best drive which was both challenging and fun. The interviewers were really supportive and contributed a lot to my approach. The discussions are key in every round of interviews and is as important as solving the problem. You have to be through with the projects and internships you have done.  

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