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Grab Interview Experience | 1.10 Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2021

I interviewed for grab pay for Bangalore location in June 2019.

Round 1(Codility Coding Round): They gave 3 questions to code in 120 minutes. 

  • It generates a report based on performance and correctness of solution. 
  • I could solve all three in 70 minutes and got 100% for performance and correctness in all 3. One of the questions was on 1 dimensional DP, one simple implementation based question and one on arrays.
  • After 1 month I got an e-mail for onsite f2f interview. I had 3 rounds of f2f interview.

Round 2(PS/DS Round):

  1. Write a code to find next nearest element in an array.
  2. Given an array of positive and negative numbers, arrange them such that all negative integers appear before all the positive integers in the array maintaining original order of elements without using any additional data structure in less than O(n^2). Example {1,2,-2,9,-1} -> {-2,-1,1,2,9}. Here, original order of positive and negative element is maintained.

Round 3(PS/DS Round):

  1. Given an array, find all elements at k distance from the given element.
  2. Print all nodes at k distance away from the given node in a binary tree.

Round 4(Hiring Manager):

  1. He asked me a lot of questions on current technologies that I am working on.
  2. Some questions on callback functions.
  3. Find median in a stream of numbers. He asked me to explain the solution and then write code on a whiteboard.
  4. Draw complete architecture of your current project and explain in detail.
  5. Most challenging work you have done in your current company.
  6. Java memory management.
  7. Why grab?

The company uses Golang as programming language. HM was constantly asking me if I have any background in Golang. I kept on saying I have never worked with Golang.

HR is really unresponsive. They do not reply. After I was done my codility test, I dropped multiple mails for the updates but they never replied. I suddenly got the mail for interview after more than a month. Even after the interview process, I mailed the HR for 2-3 times but he never replied.

Still waiting for updates:)

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