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GQM Method in Software Engineering
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2020

The Goal/Question/Metric (GQM) method is a proven technique used for goal oriented measures. It consists of the following 3 basis elements:

  1. Goal
  2. Question
  3. Metric

In GQM method, measurement is goal-oriented. firstly, the goals need to be described clearly so that it can be measured during the software development.

In this method goals are defined which transforms into questions and metrics. Then the questions are answered and it is checked whether these answers satisfy goals or not. Hence, this method follows a top-down approach through division of goals and then mapping of goals into questions and then these questions are transformed into metrics, and method also follows bottom-up approach by analyzing measurement and checking whether goals are satisfied or not.

Steps in GQM Method

  1. Goals are defined and described clearly.
  2. Conversion of goals into appropriate questions.
  3. Questions are transformed into mertics.

Phases of GQM Method :

  1. Planning:
    In the first phase, Project plan is prepared by identifying the basic requirements.
  2. Definition:
    In the second phase Description of goals, question and metric takes place.These three are clearly defined.
  3. Data collection:
    In this phase, collection of actual data takes place.
  4. Interpretation:
    It is the final phase in which answers to the questions asked in previous phases are provided and the goal’s achievement is verified.

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