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Google Wallet To Launch In India

Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2024
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Digital payments in India are about to get a bit more interesting. Google, a major player in this space with its popular Google Pay app, has hinted at the launch of Google Wallet in India. While details are still emerging, this move suggests a potential strategic shift for Google’s digital payment offerings in the country.

Read In Short:

  • Google Wallet is expected to launch in India, offering a digital wallet experience alongside the existing Google Pay (UPI-based payments).
  • Google Wallet India will likely focus on NFC-based contactless payments and storing loyalty cards, complementing Google Pay’s strengths.
  • This potentially creates a two-pronged approach for Google in the Indian digital payments market.


What is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet is a digital wallet app expected to launch in India. Unlike Google Pay (focusing on UPI transfers), Google Wallet will likely handle contactless payments using your phone at stores and store digital items like boarding passes, loyalty cards, and event tickets. It could offer a faster checkout experience and better manage your digital clutter.

Google Wallet Coming to India

Google Wallet India is expected to be a digital wallet app similar to its counterpart in the US. This means it will likely focus on storing and managing various digital items like:

  • Credit and debit cards: For contactless payments at NFC-enabled terminals (a technology allowing secure payments by tapping your phone).
  • Boarding passes: Store your flight information and boarding passes conveniently within the app.
  • Loyalty cards: Eliminate the need to carry physical loyalty cards by adding them to your Google Wallet.
  • Event tickets: Manage your tickets for movies, concerts, and other events seamlessly.

Difference Between Google Pay and Google Wallet India

Feature Google Pay (India) Google Wallet India (Expected)
Primary Function Person-to-Person (P2P) and Online Payments Contactless Payments and Digital Item Management
Payment Method Primarily UPI (linked bank accounts) Credit/Debit Cards (NFC-enabled)
UPI Integration Yes Potentially later, not confirmed yet
Focus Sending/Receiving Money, Bill Payments, Online Shopping In-Store Contactless Payments, Storing Digital Items
Target Users Users comfortable with UPI for everyday transactions Users seeking faster checkout and managing digital clutter
Additional Features Split Bill Functionality, Investment Options (in some regions) Loyalty Card Management, Boarding Pass Storage, Event Ticket Management
Existing Ecosystem Integrates with existing Google account and loyalty programs offered by Google Pay partners Likely integrates with an existing Google account, details on partner integrations awaited

Contactless Payments in India with Google Wallet

The potential arrival of Google Wallet India signifies Google’s possible push for wider adoption of contactless payments in the country. While UPI dominates P2P and online transactions, contactless payments offer a faster and more touch-free checkout experience at physical stores.

With Google Wallet, users might be able to store their credit/debit cards and use their phones for contactless payments at NFC-enabled terminals. This could potentially accelerate the adoption of contactless payments, offering a quicker and more secure way to pay at stores.

UPI vs. NFC Payments India

Feature UPI (Unified Payments Interface) NFC (Near Field Communication)
Technology Type Real-time Payment System Short-range Wireless Communication
Function in Payments Enables instant bank-to-bank transfers Facilitates contactless payments using smartphones
Payment Initiation The user enters recipient’s Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or scans a QR code The user taps their NFC-enabled phone on a compatible terminal
Underlying Network UPI utilizes the existing Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) infrastructure of Indian banks Relies on radio frequency communication between devices
Security Requires user PIN or biometric authentication for transactions Employs secure element chips in phones and terminals for encrypted data transfer
Transaction Speed Transfers happen instantly between linked bank accounts Payments are processed very quickly, typically within seconds
Offline Functionality Limited offline functionality with UPI Lite (transactions below ₹500) Not applicable for payments, requires internet connectivity for device communication
Applicability Primarily used for P2P (person-to-person) and online transactions Ideal for in-store contactless payments at NFC-enabled terminals
Examples of Use Sending money to friends/family, paying bills online, recharging Paying for groceries, movie tickets, public transport fares (with compatible terminals)

How to Use Google Wallet India

Since Google Wallet hasn’t officially launched in India yet, the specific steps for using it might differ slightly upon its release. However, based on its functionalities in other regions, here’s a general idea of what to expect:

Step 1: Download and Setup

Download the Google Wallet app from the Google Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your account. This likely involves linking your Google account and setting a secure PIN or fingerprint unlock.

Step 2: Adding Payment Methods

You’ll be able to add your credit/debit cards for contactless payments. The process might involve entering your card details and undergoing a verification step from your issuing bank.

Step 3: Making Contactless Payments

Look for stores with NFC-enabled payment terminals. During checkout, simply unlock your phone with your PIN or fingerprint and tap it on the designated terminal to complete the payment.

Step 4: Managing Digital Items

Add your loyalty cards, boarding passes, and event tickets to the app for convenient access and organization. This might involve scanning the barcode of the physical item or using a unique code provided.


The arrival of Google Wallet in India presents an exciting prospect for the digital payments landscape. While Google Pay remains a powerhouse for P2P and online transactions, Google Wallet could potentially expand user options with contactless payments and digital item management. This two-pronged approach might cater to a wider range of user needs, offering both the convenience of UPI and the speed of contactless payments.

Google Wallet In India – FAQs

Will Google Wallet come to India?

Yes, Google Wallet is likely to launch in India based on recent hints by Google.

When will Google Wallet launch in India?

An official announcement regarding the launch date is awaited.

What is the difference between Google Wallet and GPay?

Google Wallet is expected to focus on contactless payments and digital item management, while Google Pay remains the go-to app for UPI transfers in India.

Do I need a new Google account for Google Wallet?

No, you can likely use your existing Google account for Google Wallet.

What is the advantage of Google Wallet?

Google Wallet might offer a faster checkout experience through contactless payments and better manage digital items like boarding passes and loyalty cards.

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