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Google Taiwan Interview Experience for Software Engineering Graduate

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2021

I recently interviewed by Google Taiwan. It was a smooth process and thanks to Google for that. 

  • At the start, I was given a chance to tell them about me, and it’s just to give you a chance to come out of nervousness from a big interview.
  •  Then interviewer gives me a question based on the tree and due to NDA I can not reveal that exact question but can share something related to it. So question was that you are given one tree. It can be an n-ary tree also. Every node will have some color, and it’s fixed that a number of colors will be two only either it is black or white. And there is one condition that you can not have an adjacent black node, which means the child and parent node can not be of the same color which is black, but it’s allowed to have both as white color. and you can change any node from white color to black and the same for black. The cost of this change is 1. And you need to minimize the cost of this operation and make the final tree that follows the above constraint. An interviewer also asks me to write code for the same and I also write it on the document which was shared at the time of your interview scheduling. 
  • So overall it’s a very interesting process and also it will give you some inspiration to move ahead, so guys please prepare well because any time it can be yours and also as depicted in Mission Mangal that you can get anything from any small things like that puri(Fried Bread). 

Thank you for reading! Also, GeeksforGeek is the best resource to prepare for anything, so I will suggest using this site for the same. 


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