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Google Summer SWE Internship Interview Experience 2022

  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021

I applied in August 2021, In September end, I got mail for phone screening round. In October second week my phone screening was scheduled.

Phone Screening Round: He asked me about my preferred language and then move to some basics questions like 

  • Time complexity of heap sort
  • Why merge sort is better than heap sort?
  • Which data structure is used for implementation of priority queue?
  • Basic questions based on your preferred language

Then I got mail for Round 1

Round 1: 45 mins round ( 5 min for introduction, 35 mins for questions, 5 mins for your questions about company)

  • Interview started with my introduction then his introduction, then he directly jump into questions.
  • Question is most appropriate mutual friend, you are given a  graph and node, in which every node represents a person, neighbors represents friends. You have to find a mutual friend, which have maximum number of common node with given node.
  • My approach was based on BFS. I was able to code but I have taken more than the given time for interview and code was also not clean, which were negative points.

Round 2: 45 mins round

  • Question was you are given a list, you have to return a list which return list of random elements which consist of all the elements of the given list and double of them. I tell her approach with random function given in java library and she was satisfied with that approach I coded it, but I was not aware about time complexity of this library function, which was negative point.
  • Second Question is to reverse first question: I coded this question
  • Tips: You should take care of time limits of interview.


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