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Google Pay Vanishes in the US: What’s Next Will Shock You!

Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2024
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In a surprising turn of events, Google has announced the discontinuation of its standalone Google Pay app in the United States. The tech giant has set the date for this major change as June 4, 2024. Read on to understand the reasons behind this change and how you can prepare for a smooth transition.

Key Points:

  • Google Pay app to shut down in the US on June 4, 2024.
  • Users are urged to switch to Google Wallet for contactless payments.
  • The move aims to streamline payment options and consolidate functionalities.
  • Google Pay will continue operating in other countries like India and Singapore.


What is Google Pay?

Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, is a digital payment service developed by Google. It enables users to make in-app, online, and in-person contactless purchases on mobile devices. Users can authenticate transactions via a PIN, passcode, or biometrics such as 3D face scanning or fingerprint recognition. It’s a convenient solution for customers in the digital world, offering a secure and seamless way to pay and save.

Why is Google Pay Shutting Down in the US?

Google’s decision to shut down Google Pay in the US is a strategic move aimed at streamlining its payment services. The tech giant plans to consolidate the functionalities of Google Pay into Google Wallet, a platform that is already five times more popular among US users. This consolidation is expected to simplify the user experience by providing a one-stop solution for all payment needs. By integrating Google Pay’s features into Google Wallet, Google hopes to offer a more seamless and efficient digital payment experience to its users. This change is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance its digital services.

What Happens to Google Pay Account and Balance?

Despite the discontinuation of the Google Pay app, your account and balance are secure. You can transfer any remaining balance to your linked bank account before the shutdown on June 4, 2024. Google will provide detailed instructions on how to do this through the app and other official channels as the shutdown date approaches. So, rest assured, your funds are safe and you will be guided through the transition process.

Alternatives for Google Pay

Here are some alternatives to Google Pay:

  1. Google Wallet: As you mentioned, Google Wallet is the recommended alternative by Google itself. It will serve as a secure repository for various credentials, including payment cards, transit passes, and identification documents like state IDs and driver’s licenses.
  2. Apple Pay: If you’re an iPhone user, Apple Pay could be a good alternative. It allows you to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.
  3. Samsung Pay: For Samsung users, Samsung Pay offers a simple and convenient payment experience that doesn’t require a physical card.
  4. PayPal: PayPal is a widely accepted payment platform that allows users to make and receive payments online.
  5. Venmo: Owned by PayPal, Venmo is a mobile payment service that allows users to transfer money to others using the app.

Remember, the best alternative depends on your specific needs and the devices you use.

What’s Changing

App Closure: The standalone Google Pay application will disappear from app stores, depriving users of direct access to its functionalities. However, there’s a bright side to this change.

Tap to Pay: The positive news is that you can still utilize Google Pay for tap-to-pay transactions at stores. So, if you’re accustomed to waving your phone at the checkout counter, that aspect remains unchanged.

Money Transfers: This is where things become a bit complex. The peer-to-peer (P2P) payment feature within Google Pay will cease to exist. Sending, requesting, or receiving money from friends through the app will no longer be feasible. Bid farewell to effortlessly splitting the dinner bill.

View and Transfer Balance: Until June 4, you retain the ability to view and transfer your balance to your bank account via Google Pay. Subsequently, transferring funds will only be achievable through the website.

Trending Deals: The “Trending Deals” segment within the app will vanish. Yet, fret not! Google recommends using its reliable Search feature by typing “shop deals” to uncover the latest discounts.

The Wallet Alternative

Google is encouraging users to consider its alternative payment solution: Google Wallet. The wallet provides a centralized hub for storing your cards, transit passes, driver’s licenses, and beyond. It functions akin to a digital Swiss Army knife for managing your payment requirements.

What is Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a digital wallet developed by Google. Available on Android, Wear OS, and Fitbit OS, it securely stores various credentials such as payment cards, transit passes, and identification documents. Google Wallet also facilitates online payments, in-app purchases, and contactless payments in stores. It provides insights about your spending habits, offers rewards on eligible transactions, and surfaces offers from your favorite merchants.

Google Wallet Features

Google Wallet offers all the essential features you previously enjoyed with Google Pay, including:

  • Contactless payments at stores and other merchants that accept tap-to-pay transactions.
  • Sending and receiving money from friends and family (availability may vary).
  • Managing your payment methods and setting default cards.

Additionally, Google Wallet boasts expanded functionalities compared to the standalone Google Pay app. These include:

  • Storing loyalty cards, boarding passes, and even your driver’s license (where supported).
  • Viewing past transactions and managing your spending history.
  • Accessing offers and deals from participating merchants.

How to Switch to Google Wallet

Here are the steps to switch to Google Wallet:

Step 1: Download The Google Wallet App From Your Device’s App Store.

Step 2: Once Installed, Open The Google Wallet App And Sign In Using Your Google Account.

Step 3: Tap “Add To Wallet” To Add Your Debit Or Credit Cards.

Step 4: You May Be Asked To Verify Your Identity With Your Screen Lock Or Password.

Step 5: Read And Accept The Terms To Start Using Google Wallet.

Remember, if you have any remaining balance in your Google Pay account, make sure to transfer it to your bank account before June 4, 2024.

Google Pay vs Google Wallet

Features Google Pay Google Wallet
Primary Purpose Google Pay was primarily a platform for making payments to businesses as well as individuals Google Wallet is a digital wallet that serves as a secure repository for various credentials
Compatibility Google Pay is built into Android devices and is also available on iOS. Google Wallet is available on Android devices. The iPhone doesn’t allow non-Apple apps for tap-to-pay
Transaction Fees Google Pay does not charge transaction fees Google Wallet charges a 2.9% transaction fee every time it takes money from your credit, debit, or bank account
Versatility Google Pay allows you to add credit and debit cards Google Wallet allows you to add credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, transportation passes, event tickets, vaccine cards, and gift cards
Security Google Pay uses tokenization to secure transactions Google Wallet also uses tokenization to secure transactions

Google Pay’s US Shutdown and Users Outside the US

The discontinuation of Google Pay is specific to the US. If you’re not in the US, there’s no need to worry. Google Pay will continue to function as usual in other countries, including India and Singapore. So, you can continue your digital transactions without any disruptions.


While the departure of the standalone Google Pay app in the US might be an initial adjustment, the transition to Google Wallet offers a streamlined and comprehensive solution for all your payment needs. By planning and transferring your information before June 4, 2024, you can ensure a smooth transition and continue enjoying convenient contactless payments and other functionalities going forward.


Does Google Wallet work in the USA?

Yes, Google Wallet works in the USA and is now the primary Android payment service.

Has Google Wallet replaced Google Pay?

Yes, Google Wallet has replaced Google Pay in most regions, including the US.

Is Google Wallet free?

Absolutely! Google Wallet is free of charge to all users.

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