Google Online Challenge(MCQ’s) Experience

Last week I took the Google Online Challenge. I got this opportunity by enrolling with the Google Cloud Career Readiness track! and successfully completing Coursera Specialization on Google cloud platform along with 5 quests on Qwiklabs. I came to know about this Cloud Career Readiness track from college faculty.  

Test Pattern :  

Total Time: 30 Minutes

Questions: 30 Multiple Choice Type  

Sections: These 30 Questions are divided into 5 sections as follows

       1.Databases                                     –   5 Questions      

       2.Data Structures and Algorithms   –    10 Questions

       3.TroubleShooting                           –    5 Questions

       4.Linux | Unix                                   –    5  Questions

       5.Web Tech                                      –    5 Questions

Platform:  Co Cubes

Question depths vary in each section. Challenge results will not be posted online. A recruiter/ programs team will be in touch if you are selected to proceed to the next step. I can’t remember every question I will try to give one question from every section in the following examples.

Example Questions :  

Databases :

Transactions T1 caused a deadlock. To change the system to a stable state you would :

A. Deadlock

B. Undo

C. Savepoint

D. Rollback

Data Structures and Algorithms :

What Data Structure is more suitable for Arithmetic Expression Evaluation?  

A. Queue

B. Stack

C. Graph

D. Tree

Trouble Shooting :  

You log in to a Linux system and you see that disk utilization is at 99%, what are the next steps? (more than one correct answer)

A. Use free command to check the usage

B.  Use df and du commands to check the usage

C.  Check load Average on the system

D.  Use find command to find and clear space

E.  Use lsof to see if any services are creating a lot of files and confirm if you can clear the same.

F. All the above.

Linux/Unix :  

What is the size of the files under /proc directory?

A. 100 Bytes

B. 0 Bytes

C. Depends on the Content

D. 100 MB

Web Technologies :

Which HTTP status code is usually returned when the resource is cached?

A. 401

B. 503

C. 304

D. 200

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