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Google Online Challenge 2020(MCQ)

  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2020

13th August I attempted the Google online challenge(GOGC(cloud))India. I attempted this challenge under the Google cloud-ready campaign in India. There were 30 MCQs in the test, the time limit was 30 minutes Questions were divided into 5 sections 

  1. Web Tech 
  2. Linux/Unix 
  3. Database 
  4. Troubleshooting 
  5. Data Structures, Algorithm & Coding.

The difficulty was from easy to moderate and some problems were very easy.

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Below are certain examples you can expect questions with round about this level.

Web Tech Round:

  1. How to align a text in a larger web page context?

Linux/Unix Round: If you are using Linux for a long time this can be the best section for you.

  1. The cmd to check load average on the Linux system?
  2. What is the load average?

Database Round:

  1. A certain transaction caused the deadlock . To change the system to stable you could?
  2. How to handle very large queries?

Troubleshooting Round:

  1. You try to login to a website, you observe the site loads very slow how can you look for latency?

Data structures Round: A simple question like time complexity, recursion

  1. Best case time complexity of merge sort?
  2. Which is the preferred iterative or recursive approach?

Note: This test is just one part of the application Google will consider many factors before giving you a callback. 

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