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Google Off-campus Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2020

I was contacted by a Google recruiter in Singapore on LinkedIn. They were hiring new grads (2020) for offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. I confirmed with my recruiter for the interview. She mailed me about the hiring process and gave me her google calendar for me to book an interview slot as per my convenience and also asked for my resume. The best thing about interviewing for Google is that they give their candidates a good interview experience. They make sure that we are comfortable.

Round 1: 

Since I was given to book a slot as per my convenience, I booked a slot after 2 weeks. She told me that the first round would be a phone screening round and that I had to be very thorough with my data structures and algorithms concepts.

I was sent a google hangouts meeting invite before this round. On the day of the interview, I was a little nervous. The recruiter called and she seemed very amiable. She started with questions about myself and then went to the projects mentioned on my resume. As a machine learning enthusiast, most of my projects were ML-based and she about my interest in machine learning. Then she proceeded with DSA questions. It was like a rapid-fire round. She asked questions from time complexities, sorting, linked lists, heaps, Red-Black trees, AVL trees, and binary search trees. I was able to answer almost all the questions correctly but I wasn’t very prepared with AVL trees and red-black trees and faced problems in those questions.

After the questions, the recruiter gave me my feedback and told me that even though I answered most questions correctly, I answered the last questions on AVL trees and red-black trees wrong, so I need to be more thorough next time and that I will be moving forward to the next round. She advised me to brush up my DSA knowledge more. And after the call, she sent me another google calendar link for booking the slot for the next round.

Round 2: 

This time she started with DSA questions. She started with time complexity questions and then moved to data structures. She asked questions from almost every data structure. This time I answered more questions correctly than last time. She then asked me what language I prefer for coding. I replied C++. Then she started asking me questions from C++. She wanted me to give answers quickly and then focused more on STL. I was able to ace this round and she took my candidature to the next round.

Round 3: 

My recruiter conveyed to me that an engineer from Google USA is going to take this round. She asked me for 5 slots preferably weekdays. This time, they chose a slot from my given slots. The format of this interview was that I would be given 2 questions and I have to code both of them in 45 minutes. I was able to solve one question but I ran out of time for the other question. So, I couldn’t make it to the next round. But, I’ll try again after 6 months.

Overall, the entire interview process was a long journey of 3 months. I will say that geekforgeeks helped me a lot in my interview preparation. I will suggest everyone do any of their online or classroom DSA courses and placement courses. This really helped me during my college placement.

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