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Google Interview Experience | On-campus 2020
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020

The first thing, that there is no online coding round in Google for an internship. So the first shortlisting is done on the basis of the resume so make sure that your resume is good. In India Google is commonly coming for software engineering so make sure that in your resume there is a project in development.

You can take help for making a resume from the given link:  

In my college 22 people shortlisted for interviews after resume shortlisting. Luckily I am one of them. After this, there are two interviews round are done which is completely based on data structures and algorithms and also there is no HR round. (I don’t think that they ask about projects but prepare for them also).

Round 1: The interviewer directly asks me a question by just saying hello. He was asking me a question and extend it in the whole interview.

Question: You have a character matrix and in the cell L(left), R(right), U(upper), or D(down) had written, and as the character says you can go from current cell to written direction but you can’t go outside the matrix then he asked me the following questions.

1) You are at (0, 0) can you reach (r-1, c-1) (r and c are numbers of rows and columns).

2) The minimum number of changes required to reach (n-1, m-1) from (0, 0), and in one change you can change any character to any other character in any cell.

Round 2: The interviewer asks about the introduction and then start the question.

Question: As you go to college you have to do some courses but before doing some courses you need to complete some prerequisite courses (Ex- before doing MA202 you need to complete MA201). so the question is you have N courses you have to tell the minimum number of semesters required to complete the whole courses and in one semester you can do any number of courses but before doing a course you have to do all prerequisites of that course. 

And input is given as a 2D vector and in a particular row of the 2D vector, the current course is a prerequisite of the next course.

Ex: {{a, b, c, }, {b, e, d}, {e, f}}.

Suppose I’m taking the first-row {a, b, c} so before doing course “b” you need to complete “a” and before doing to “c” you need to complete “b”.

Note: They also ask about time-space and memory space and in last you also need to write the code (No need to focus on syntax error more and taking input) so be a little fast from starting because they don’t give extra time and also be always confident. 

If you are able two answers both questions correctly then 80% chance that you are going to be selected because they don’t want the only answer but also how you approach

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