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Google Interview Experience for Software Engineering Intern

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I am a second-year BCA student currently studying in 3rd semester in Acharya Institute of Graduate studies. I applied through Google career page, The recruiter directly contacted me, I had applied the position for software engineering intern in Zurich Switzerland

Round 1: In this coding Sample, I was given 45 minutes to solve the question. In this round, there were two Questions one question was based on trees which were a bit mixed question of trees and graph. it was also a little bit mixed with dynamic programming. I did the first question easily. and the second question was of string, it was of recursion types. i did both the question within 45 minutes and had also passed the test cases. After few days that i got mailed that i had been selected for the interview process.

Round 2: In the second interview, i joined the hangouts before the time, the interviewer was from Dublin, it was his first interview, so the interview begins, he asked me about favorite data structure, i told my favorite data structure was array, he asked me  a question on dynamic programming, so i begin my code with optimal search, and discussed my code with interviewer, so he liked my code and was smiling at me, so he gave me some test cases and i passed the test cases, a google doc was shared between me and him, so i wrote the bug free code, and he said cool, after that he told  me to ask some question about google, i asked the cultures about the google. and the very next day i received the mail that i am selected for the next round of interviews.

Round 3: I joined the interview on the hangout before the interview, the interview started he asked me some of the questions about the algorithms, i just explained properly the algorithms, he asked me some question on binary tree, i solved the question before the time, passed also the test cases, the interview went cool. after that interview, i got mail from my recruiter that i has been selected for host matching. so she gave me the google docs in which i have to write about my previous projects and experiences. after that i has been selected for site reliability engineering, the last call was from the manager about my works and previous experiences. after all that my recruiter has sent me the offer letter.

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Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019
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