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Google Interview Experience for Software Engineer (November 2020)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2021

Note: All rounds were virtual.

Phone Screen Round:

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  1. Implement a doubly-linked list, with all edge cases considered.

Onsite Rounds:

Round 1: 

  1. Add (Key, value) pairs of two lists which are representing different values at different time stamps. HINT: USE Interpolation and Extrapolation, to find the values of the missing timestamp.

Round 2: 

  1. The question was about pattern matching.  

    The scenarios were:  

If we are given a directory structure, 
then /foo /foo are exact matches, and /foo /bar are no matches. 
/foo/* means after /foo, There can be one directory 
or no directory. 
The last case was: /foo/** which means 0 
or more directories

Round 3:

  1. We have a rectangle city map, occupied with some buildings, parks, etc. We need to find if we have enough space for a building of a given size (m*n).

Question link:

Round 4:

Code Version diff question, like git.

  1. Two versions given as a string, find whether an insert/ delete or update operation has been done, at what index, and what is the change.

Behavioral Round:

  1. Most Recent challenging work.
  2. What qualities you want in your manager.
  3. Anytime conflict faced, and how you handled it.
  4. If you were designing Photos, what will be your approach to identify smiling faces.
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