Google Interview Experience

I was contacted by Google in the beginning of December through LinkedIn. The Google recruiter might have looked into it maybe due to my prior Amazon work stuff.

The meeting was on Google hangouts.
I was asked to first describe my projects and internships.
I was then asked a series of questions entirely based on data structures-mostly heaps and hash-maps
1.The lower bound for comparison based sorting algorithms
2.How heap sort is better than merge sort?
3.How much time it takes to sort a heap in reverse?
4.Which data structures do not have an O(logn) lookup time-
a.Linked List
d.Binary Trees
And then we had a discussion about the lookup times for all the data structures
5.We then had a brief discussion about function over-riding.
Unfortunately I was very nervous and pretty much tanked my interview.Leetcode and Pramp very well help to build the skills but not only solving problems but also knowing the data structures(in depth) along with Object Oriented Programming Concepts are very much needed to get into Google.

The below blog might be way more helpful than mine:

All the best 😀

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