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Google Cloud Services

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Google has made our lives more comfortable than ever. Whenever we find ourselves in some problem before we call our mothers we ask Google. One of the significant things Google has excelled upon is keeping our data safe and protected. Back in the days, we used to lose all our cherished data due to one hardware crash. But not today. With Google Cloud, everything can be protected.

Google Cloud Safety: With the increasing number of cybercrimes, one can wonder about his data privacy. Google uses multiple security checks, and Thus, you can relax and store your data on Cloud.

Google Cloud for Trading: With the ever-increasing number of web-enabled devices in this world, the ease of access to the relevant data through the internet is one of the biggest challenges tagging along that the computer scientists are trying to work out. And with Google launching, it’s Transfer service, this issue in itself becomes insanely huge to discuss.

Modern Businesses use Cloud computing services to store and manipulate their data sets which can vary from a few GigaBytes to thousands of PetaBytes. Cloud Computing refers to Internet-based computing, providing services like servers, storage, and data handling. Large companies set up their databases using these cloud services because it helps them create and manage a virtual office that contains every bit of their information and files but not physically or on their private computers but on the Cloud, i.e. the Internet itself. This means that the data uploaded can be accessed from anywhere around the globe by the authorized personnel with just some swipes and touches.

Data handling: Handling the amount of data is not an easy task, and that’s where the Tech Giants come in. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are doing their job exceptionally well by providing the best Cloud Computing services as Business Solutions to the companies who want to adopt this technology. There are hundreds of companies that offer this platform, but multiple surveys say that choosing Google Cloud Computing services might be one of the best decisions one can take for their company.

Google has made it remarkably simple for companies to manage their business data through Cloud and at the same time, transfer their data from other cloud services to Google. The former Tech Giant recently announced its transfer services helping big companies move their on-premise data to google cloud. Google claims that the services provided by its Cloud are like the ones used by their servers.

Transfer of data is effortless: Companies will have to select the files they want to transfer and Google will take care of the rest. This deviant method uses the power of Google’s Super Computers. We are talking of transfer of data from other cloud services to Google cloud because they come with a number of services in a bulk. Let’s discuss them below:

  • Compute: Companies can use Google’s cloud services in a very scalable way to match their specific and general needs. GCS provides virtual machines and options to deploy our code in different ways.
  • Storage and Databases: Even just for storage, multiple options are available such as Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable, Google Cloud Datastore, etc.
  • Big Data: Similarly multiple services are provided for big data analysis and manipulation like Google Cloud Dataproc, Google Cloud Datalab, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Google BigQuery.
  • Networking: Google provides multiple networking options that work hand to hand with Google Storage. Google Cloud Load Balancing, Content Delivery Network, and Google Cloud Interconnect are some examples.
  • Identity and Security: Cloud Resource Manager, Cloud IAM, and Cloud Security Scanner are some of the services provided by GCP regarding identity and security.
  • Management Tools: This tool helps you to manage sensitive data. Also provides a fast and scalable classification for sensitive data elements like credit card numbers, passport numbers, and many more.
  • Cloud AI: A well-managed service that will permit you to work on Machine Learning models based on mainstream frameworks. A Machine Learning product that enables developers to provide their data sets and obtain access to quality trained models by Google’s transfer learning and Neural Architecture Search.
  • Iot: This service is a fully managed service which will allow you to easily connect, manage, and absorb data from devices that are connected to the Internet.

The number of services provided by Google is enormous,

Data moved to Google Cloud: Moving data to Cloud comes with several benefits, and some of them are:

  • Google’s Private data transfer cables and amazingly spread network- Google recently announced that it has invested in the FASTER cable system giving speeds up to 10Tbps between the US and Japan. These cables will be used for Google Cloud and Google App customers.
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines- No other competitor in the field provides this service. There is no noticeable performance degradation while migrating VMs between host machines.
  • Best Security- Google comes with the name of security and a promise to protect the user data. Choosing google cloud services means choosing a security model that is laid upon in 15 years.
  • Trustworthy back-up- Google claims durability of 99.9% for its storage unit and is based upon four different types: Nearline storage, Coldline Storage, Regional Storage, and Multi-regional Storage. This means no loss of data what so ever.
  • Promise to Expand, Google is continuously improving its services and is promising to come up with more. It is new cloud regions that will be strategically placed all over the globe will ensure improved performance and faster services.

With all that’s said, we can firmly say that Google has made it very easy to move data to it’s Cloud. It is providing a never-ending supply of services for its customers all around the world with the most sophisticated technologies and state of the art supercomputers. You can read about Deploy cloud function on Google Cloud Platform

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Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2019
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