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Google Cloud Platform – MemoryStore

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Memorystore is GCP’s service that helps to build blazingly fast applications. Memorystore is a Fully manages in-memory service. It can automate complex tasks simultaneously providing top-notch security by integrating IAM protocols without increasing application latency.

Fully managed structure of Memorystore

Features of Memorystore

The following are the principal feature of GCP’s Memorystore:

  • Provisioning: It handles the complex task of provisioning an entire hybrid system.
  • Replication: It also automates the tedious task of replication.
  • Fail-over: It handles Code and Conditional fail-overs.
  • Patching: It supports patching of the existing application.

This helps the developers to spend more time coding rather on the logistics of the system.

It comes in various sizes to fit our business needs and integrates seamlessly to our applications, including the operation sweep making it easier to monitor our instances. it also supports an import-export system so we can easily migrate your instance without any code changes.

Setting up a Memorystore

Follow the below steps to set up a Memorystore using the cloud console.

Step 1: Login to your Google cloud account and open up the cloud console.

Step 2: Now navigate to the Memorystore tab and choose the Tier, Zone, and region as shown below:

Step 3: Now Ste the capacity for the MemoryStore as per your need as shown below:

Note: This can also be done using the GCloud Command-Line or through the APIs and client libraries.

Once created you can easily scale instances as needed with minimal impact on the application availability created. Standard high availability instances are replicated all across the zones so you do not have to do it manually.

The data in the MemoryStore are protected from the internet using VPC networks and Private IDs (PI).

Securing Data in MemoryStore

Securing Data in MemoryStore

For all the reasons discussed earlier MemoryStore is a perfect choice for caching, session management, gaming, stream processing, and more. This helps create a blazing fast application at a low cost.

Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020
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