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Google Cloud Database Services

Last Updated : 29 May, 2020
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Storage is the first-factor we choose while designing an application. Every application needs a reliable storage structure for the proper function of the software. The diversity of data may be as to be streamed or store the account-related data. It is a point that Dragonite has more than 2600 CP, which they need to manage.

The type of data storage can be different depending upon what the application is going to process. Google comes with a variety of options to store, analyze, and process this data. We know that google cloud previously has persistent disks to store huge data but to meet the customer’s new requirements they included some core storage options into their cloud infrastructure.

Let me drive you to the options they offer and you can pick from below that satisfies your applications need –

  1. Cloud Storage :
    Google Storage is a service offered by Google for storing the data objects into Google Cloud. A data object can be termed as an immutable entity that consists of data of any file irrespective of the format. It is best for the applications containing structured data objects, for example, large media files and images. Unstructured type data objects are also supported which is used for backups.

  2. Cloud Spanner :
    Google Spanner is the first of its kind data storage option, which supports relational database structure with a non-relational horizontal scale. It is highly scalable which consistent SQL support and is available at a high rate. It is best for applications having a large database for example e-commerce, trading, etc.

  3. Cloud SQL :
    Cloud SQL is a bundled service that is offered by Google Cloud. This supports relational database services for MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. This is used to store the client’s credentials and orders which are placed by the customers.

  4. Google Big Table :
    Google Big Table is Google’s Big Data services. It is used in many known google applications such as Maps, Search, and Gmail. it is also used where the analysis work and heavy read and write cases.

  5. Cloud Data Store :
    Google Datastore is the best suited for the applications where the data is structured and applications process that type of data.his data store is highly used by software developers who are intended to work with structured data.

Difference between Services :

Basis of Cloud Datastore Google Bigtable Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner
Type Uses NoSQL document NoSQL wide column Blobstore Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLTP
Transactions Support No No No Supported Supported
Supports Complex queries No No No Yes it supports Yes it supports
Capacity More than Terabytes More than Petabytes More than Petabytes Terabytes Petabytes
Entity Size 1 MB/entity 10 MB/row 5 TB/object Decided by database engine 10, 240 MiB/row

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