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Google Bangalore Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2020

Initial HR Discussion:

Some recruiter from Singapore contacts through my google mail.

She asked basic questions related to sorting algorithms.

  1.  Which is better heap sort or merge sort ? Why ?.
  2.  In which data structures log n time search is guaranteed  [Binary tree, Hash Map,   BST, Arrays]
  3. What is the lower bound for number of comparisons while sorting ?
  4.  What is worst case of quicksort ?
  5. What is space complexity for heap sort ?
  6. If there are 1000 computers and 99% are not connected to internet and 5% have defective CPU.Find number of computers defective as well as disconnected.

Telephonic Phone Screen

1.  How to check if a number is a fibonacci ?

bool function(int n) {}

2.  Find minimum number of fibonacci number whose  sum is equal to given sum K;

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