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GONET-Scanner – Golang Network Scanner With Arp Discovery And Own Parser

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GONET-Scanner tool is an automated cyber-security tool that is developed in the Golang language and can be used in the process of Network Scanning. GONET-Scanner tool has the potential to find the open ports on the specified IP address range. This tool is available on the GitHub platform for free. It’s open-source so, you can also contribute to its repository. This tool has its own ARP scanner and parser facility. We can display the results in a more verbose way.

Installation of GONET-Scanner Tool on Kali Linux OS

Step 1: Use the following command to install the tool in your Kali Linux operating system.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool. You have to move in the directory in order to run the tool.

cd GONET-Scanner

Step 3: Change the permissions of the file by using the following command.

sudo chmod +x 777

Step 4: Run the below command to install all the required dependencies to run the tool.

sudo ./

Step 5: Now, check the help section of the tool for better understanding.

sudo go run scannerPort.go -h

Working with GONET-Scanner Tool on Kali Linux OS

Example 1: ARP Ping Scan ALL local Subnet

sudo go run scannerPort.go -ar -s

In this example, we are scanning all the subnet networks for getting the port details of each host connected to the network.

Example 2: Define Port Range to Scan

sudo go run scannerPort.go -pr 1 1000

In this example, we are performing a port scan on a specified IP address with min and max port values of 1 to 1000.

Example 3: Set Timeout (in milliseconds)

sudo go run scannerPort.go -t 100

In this example, we are specifying the timeout value by using -the t tag.

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2022
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