Goldman Sachs (On Campus) Interview Experience

Round 1(Online Test): It was an online 1-hour test. It had 9 questions out of which 8 were MCQ questions and one was a coding question. MCQ questions were related to trees, Binary search, Aptitude, data structures, minimum spanning tree.1200 students appeared for it. They selected 15.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round 1): It was a technical coding round. I was asked to explain my last semester project.

Two coding questions were asked:

1) Suppose there is an array (2, 3, 0, 5, 1). The output is YES: If we can reach the last element or surpass it otherwise it is NO. If we traverse it:-

First element 2 will be there. It means we can either take 1 jump or two jumps. If we take 2 jumps we will reach 0. 0 means 0 jumps so we can’t reach the end of the array. If we take 1 jump we reach the element 3. Element 3 means we can either take 1, 2 or 3 jumps. If we take 1 jump we reach 0 so we can’t take any further jumps after that. If we take 2 jumps we reach element 5 that means we can reach the last element in one jump or surpass it in 5 jumps. So the output is YES.

2) Given an array 6, 3, 12, 13, 5, 2

We have to print the next smallest element for every element except the last element. So output for above array is:








Round 3(Technical interview Round 2): Two questions:

1)8 ball puzzle

2) There is a string s and an integer n. If n contiguous characters in the string are same, delete them. Display the final result. Ex- aabcccbb and n=3. First triple c is removed. Then aabbb remains and then triple b is deleted. In the end, the result is aa.

I failed the third round.

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