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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience – Telephonic

Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2020
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I have applied for the Goldman sachs interview recently, here are the questions that are being asked:

Round 1:

Online Coding

Hacker earth question:


2.birthday party question: In a circle children are sitting (ordered. By ascending id) there is a random number D(1 to N) starting with D, distribute the toy to each sequential kid, until all toys distributed.but the last toy is damaged, the task is to find the number at which kid is sitting who get the damage toy


Round 2:


1. Pangram question:

You have given a string =”This is ram”, you need to find all those letters that are missing in the string out of all 26 a-z letters present in alphabets

2. Given a sum, find the length of smallest subarray that has sum atleast to a given sum.

Round 3:

Telephonic discussion

1.What are you doing in your current project

2.Spring boot why should not we use autowiring

3.beanxmlfactory and application context difference

4.What is the ORM being used in your project

5.difference between abstract classes and interfaces

6. Different level of inheritance

7.What is method hiding

8.What is Polymorphism

9.Which datastructure should you use if you have given a repoistry and multiple rows are retrived in your process service class and you need to find the latest version of the data that is being retrieved out of all rows based on the timestamp filed present in the repoistry

Answer : Priority queue

10.Why JDBC template being used in your project

11. If you need to change design of your current project what changes will you do.

12. What other methods of dependency injection are there except autowiring.

13. What data structures should be used in order to form dictionary

Answer: Trie

14. Why not binary tree is being used in place of true.


In telephonic conversation try to be calm, don’t panic in giving answer, whether you give all answer there is probability of rejection as they also check your approach towards answer, keep calm and give answer properly.Speak only the crisp portion of the answer that is being asked rather telling all the things you know about it

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