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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience (Software Engineer 2022)

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  • Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2022

I got this opportunity through LinkedIn, where a recruiter messaged me that he liked my profile and wanted me to participate in the interview process, and I accepted that opportunity. The recruiter called me by phone, asked for a convenient time to write the online assessment, and told me a particular date he sent me the exam link and said I can write within the next 5 days.

Round – 1 ( Online Assessment): I wrote the online assessment which consists of two coding problems, the questions are : 

  • Similar to Coin Change problem. First I tried a normal recursive approach, just to see if all test cases passes, and it got passed all the cases. But just for the safe side, I wrote the optimal approach using Dynamic Programming.
  • Another Question is Count Connections in Matrix, I took a bit of time, but solved it finally.
  • So finally, done with both questions with optimal solutions and submitted the assessment.
  • After a few days, I got a call from the recruiter that they want to schedule the next Coder Pad round and I said my convenient time and politely scheduled on that date.

Round – 2 ( Coder Pad Interview) :

  • I got an invitation mail which consists of a Coder pad link along with a Zoom meet link.
  • I joined the meeting on the allocated time.
  • The interviewer was very cool and interactive. He told me about him and jumped from the coding section to the coder pad.
  • I faced two questions in this round, where the questions are : 
    • The first question was First Non-repeating character in a string, I first told the brute force approach with nested for loops, told the time and space complexities, and optimized it using HashMap.
    • The second question was similar to  Unique Paths, I first told the brute force approach using DFS and optimized it using Dynamic Programming
  • So finally solved both the questions and the interviewer was happy with my solutions.
  • Interviewer as if I had any questions, and I asked about the company and work we do there.
  • He kindly explained about that and was done with the coder pad interview.

Round – 3 ( Technical Interview ) :

  • Told to introduce myself and they introduced themselves.
  • Asked questions related to Java and related Java8 features
  • Asked to implement how can I find duplicate elements in list using Streams API.
  • Asked a Coding Question, which related to Graphs, similar to starting and ending stations , trains kinda question.
  • Finally done with this round.

Round  – 4 ( Technical Interview ) :

  • Told to introduce myself and they introduced themselves.
  • Asked questions related to Java and java8
  • Asked a coding question which is similar to House Robber ( );
  • Asked about the reason why I’m leaving my current company.
  • Finally done with this round.

Round – 5 (Technical Interview ) :

  • Told to introduce myself and they introduced themselves.
  • Asked about my previous work experience and the tech stack I used there.
  • Based on the project I have done before, he asked me design question.
  • Design something which does some operations using Multithreading.
  • The interview went with question only, discussing about the approaches and some follow ups.
  • Implemented the solution using Java Multi-threading
  • Finally done with this round

Round – 6 (Hiring Manager Interview) :

  • He started by introducing himself and asked me to tell about myself starting from my academics along with my experience.
  • Asked few questions about my previous experience and project I’ve done. 
  • About the tech stack I’ve worked on
  • Asked about all the contributions at previous companies.
  • Asked few Behavioral questions, like “why am I leaving current company??” etc..
  • Asked which tech stack I’m comfortable with, and which team do I want to join??
  • He asked some Java Questions
  • Asked to Design Twitter, in high-level, he gave some time to take notes for that.
  • I explained about the components I’m gonna use.
  • He asked if I had any questions, and I asked few questions about company.
  • and Finally done with this round

Waiting for next step. . . . . . . 

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